Overcoming Obstacles in Multi-National Projects the Topic

    Eden Prairie, MN, April 2, 2008 — Flora Delaney along with the leadership of Vinculum Group (http://www.vinculumgroup.com) will present a joint session at the upcoming JDA FOCUS 2008 conference in Las Vegas, May 18-21, 2008.

    The Topic: “Succeeding in the Global Economy – Challenges of Localization and Customization” will focus on the best practices to undertake super quick and successful merchandising project implementations out of country for multi-national retailers. Vinculum Group and Flora Delaney have unique vantage points to speak on this topic with their combined experience in creating custom approaches for retailers who need to deliver quick return on their merchandising system investments.

    “A hard reality of global expansion is that distance — Cultural, Administrative, Geographic and Economic –still matters. There are perils for those “The World is Flat” followers who believe globalization is treating the world as one big country. Vinculum and I have successfully implemented JDA customized solutions in many countries and our learnings can help JDA’s customers avoid common pitfalls,” said Flora Delaney.

    JDA FOCUS 2008 takes place at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas this year where over 2,000 people are expected to attend. JDA prides itself in bringing exposure to thought leadership in the extended retail industry through its annual FOCUS event. For more information, go to http://www.jda.com/focus/

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