As part of a generation that blames everything on their parents, I can tell you my mom (see earlier post Lean Six Sigma and My Mom) got into my head.  When she said: “You can do anything you set your mind to” she dignosed the best thing and the worst thing about me.  Because I want to do everything!  Beekeeping, poetry writing, skiing, speak italian, gardening, auto repair, painting, bike treking, Warcraft, make macaroons, you name it – and I want to do it.  Which pretty much makes the Internet the biggest time waster of my life.

If, like me, you start out thinking you’re going to check email, then click a link, go to Linked In, then Facebook, then You Tube, then a search on Lady Gaga, your stocks and recipes for cheeseburger pizza only to find it is lunch time and you still haven’t gotten through your email, you know what I mean.  I work diligently to edit myself and stay focused, so when Luciano Passuello of Litemind created this webpage, I knew it was for me.  I have now set it as my opening webpage when I open my browser and it reminds me that I CAN do anything, but I have to make wise choices to accomplish anything.  It’s just one more way I have to check myself and make sure what I am doing is a smart way to spend my time. Happy, mom?

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