At Delaney Consulting we LOVE our single door store operators.  Owner-operators Like Nancy Shank at DUGO in the Galleria keep us hopeful that there may still be a future for brick and mortar retailers.  The 3/50 Project should be on the radar screen for EVERY independent retailer in the US.

    Focused on supporting America’s independently owned businesses, it offers a simple solution:

    3: select 3 locally owned businesses that you want to support.

    50: spend at least $50 a month at one of the three businesses.

    That’s it!  The 3/50 message is popping up everywhere.  Yesterday marked the first ever “Small Business Saturday” promoting this message and even getting support from behemoths like American Express.  Realizing that they will never be able to compete for share of mind with shoppers on Black Friday, local businesses including retailers are teaming up to remind customers that when they shop locally, they make their communities stronger.  I first became aware of  the 3/50 message from the 50th and France Association.  Last week, its message was on a business card tucked inside my Thanksgiving floral arrangement delivery.

    According to the 3/50 Project website, for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 stays within the community through taxes, payroll and other expenditures.

    A MUST if you are a small business owner and and OUGHT if you are a concerned consumer, make this the season you support your local small businesses!