For retailers, holidays are just excuses to convince consumers to buy. Of course there are THE HOLIDAYs: Christmas, Hannukah, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa. The point is that these holidays have a gift-giving component to them.  Easter is fairly good for candy, baskets, ham, white shoe sales and plush animals.  Halloween is making a spectacular run by becoming the fastest growing holiday decor category as Americans embrace the holiday that let’s them pretend to be someone they are not. What about St. Patrick’s Day?

    With the last name of Delaney, I have more than a passing interest in this holiday of shamrocks and whiskey.  Leprechauns in grocery ads make me yawn as I try to figure out how retailers could do a better job of selling me something other than corned beef.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to build a sales promotion around a man who drove snakes off an island.  Even if you are PetSmart.

    A St Patrick’s promotion on all items from Ireland would be odd: cheeses, sweaters and U2 CD’s come to mind.

    Contests for reddest hair, most freckles and Guinness beer drinking all seem like something for a college bar.

    Retailers could try to tie in the Green of St Patricks day with the green of sustainable products and the kickoff of spring for an “all things green” promotion.

    Despite the first day of spring, NCAA March Madness and a holiday made for drinking, it is difficult for an American who is staring at April 15th barreling upon them and still recovering from a holiday credit card hangover to find an excuse to rush to the mall.  I guess its a green beer and a leprechaun in our Sunday ad again this year.