In my August 24th post What FourSquare Means for Retailers I urged retailers to begin using location-based marketing with the hot trending app.  Creating “specials” and tips along with offers for the mayor is driving purchases in restaurants and retailers that are using Foursquare to alert shoppers in the area to their unique offerings.  Let’s face it: as a retailer if you have an offer and you can KNOW when your potential shoppers are in your mall, don’t you want them to see your offer when they “check in” nearby?  It is an easy win to stretch retailer marketing dollars and put the offer as close as possible to the target market.

There’s only one hitch: employees.  Seems a favorite past time of employees is stealing the Mayorship from one another as they trudge into their jobs each day as well as getting bonus check-ins when they leave and return from breaks.  But that has become apparent to customers who no longer try to become mayor and get the above-and-beyond promotions that are reserved only for the mayor.  So, what’s a retailer to do?

Create a new location on Foursquare just for employees. Then run an employee-only contest for that new location.  Make it work like this: If you have the Ribbon Store (for all your ribbon needs!) create a Ribbon Store Backdoor location on foursquare.  Then, reward employees for the most check-ins with company swag, pizza or an extra hour of vacation every month or so.  Create e few ground rules (no one can be mayor twice in a row, etc) and then ask that they stay off the Ribbon Store general population check-in site so that customers can use it to get their discounts.  It’s fairly easy.  It just takes thinking it through, communicating and keeping it fun for everyone.

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