As a Buyer.  As a Consultant.  As an Executive….I have seen hundreds – maybe thousands – of presentations.  I have seen them from multi-billion dollar software vendors, NYC design houses, grocery mega brands and from start ups with no paid employees.

    THE WORST page of every presentation is the “Our History” page.   Guess who cares about your company’s history? Absolutely no one.  IF you started the company and IF you are giving the presentation to your parents, THEN maybe (if your parents are specifically noted and thanked on the page) include it.  Otherwise, please PLEASE stop including that page in a presentation.

    “But, Flora,” you say,  “I think it’s important to prospects to know we started in 1978 and that our founder still has his hands in the business today.”

    First of all, you are kidding yourself.  They don’t care.  They might care that it is family-owned. They DO care that you’ve got recognized staying power and a stable of clients that will keep you in business for the years to come.

    Bury  “Our History” information somewhere on your website.  If prospects are doing research on your company, they can decide if it is worth their time to read it.  If you have some vintage photos (yes, leisure suits and platform heels count as “vintage”) they might be nice additions to that page.  Add a caption and your work is done.

    But Never EVER start a presentation with “Our History.”  Start talking about where you are going and why the prospect should hop along for the ride…THEN you’ll have their attention.

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