No matter how removed you try to be from the upcoming royal nuptials, it will affect retail.  Trend watchers remember the huge impact Charles and Diana’s wedding had on not just jewelry and bridal wear but also how their wedding choices affected gardening, home decor, color trends, dining and media.  Kate and William’s wedding with its global audience will be a watershed moment for millions of young people in defining style.  Their choices will be emulated and interpreted into every culture around the world. Girls as young as 8 or 9 will watch this event and its impact will be felt as they plan their own weddings 10-20 years from now.

    If I were buying table top, desserts, clothing, footwear, home decor, floral or bakery departments, I would be prepared to make adjustments based on this weekend’s wedding to my assortment, my photography and my merchandising.  Smart retailers will work to make their assortment ranges not simple mimicry of the lavish affair, but restyled interpretations of the wedding selection in a price range and materials that is within the grasp of their target market.

    While I cannot predict the trends prior to the wedding, there are some traditional ideas that will likely come to the forefront after this wedding. Look for a resurgence in pearls in women’s fashion, fruitcake in baked goods and military-inspired fashion in menswear.  So much will depend on the silhouette of the wedding gown.  That silhouette will be repeated in a variety of materials and I would expect simplistic gray and black variations in department stores to be good sellers for next holiday party season.  The brides shoes will set a heel and profile trend almost immediately that will affect this years weddings along with next fall’s ball season.

    Finally, the floral design – whether the traditional cascade of Lady Diana or a more modern selection – will affect housewares, garden and floral sales for years to come. The flowers will set the tone for the event and will become a selection among all standard choices for the industry.

    You may not care about the wedding. But its impact will be felt in your stores and your home for years to come.