Dateline New York:  Having recently returned from NYC here is my take on retail trends that will keep your store looking fresh.

    Hot new license: Angry Birds.  Look for Angry Birds hats, Halloween costumes, Tees and bags this fall.  Especially cute: Angry Birds baby gear.

    Windows: There is still a lot of paper being used in windows.  With the economic crunch still keeping visual merchandising budgets tight, window dressers continue to use paper in creative ways to keep their costs low.  Think of crinkled craft paper, strings of cutouts and plenty of long spirals to take up space, add color and depth and cost nearly nothing.

    iPads: yep, they are everywhere.  Interestingly, the use of the iPad is the icon many designers are using to make a technology statement.  For example, the NY Public Library used it along with a candle and a book to make the 100 in its 100 year celebration banners.  iPads are short hand for technology and today.

    Gluten Free is the new Vegan: Restaurants from Pump to Eataly were putting Gluten Free front and center in their menu offerings.  Play it up to show customers you are a fast follower of eating trends.


    In = long summer dresses/  Out = vintage Betty Page looks

    In = pastel blue and green toenails/ Out = glitter polish of any kind

    In = nude shoes/ Out = navy anything

    Charcoal and grays are the new black for summer


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