When Michael Koploy reached out to me to tell me about his awesome Software Advice Retail Blog, I was busy….but now that I have had time to spend with this thoughtful guy, I am HOOKED!  Michael clearly knows what he is talking about in the retail software space and is a great resource for any retailer looking into possible solutions (and drawbacks) and some cool visionary ideas as well.

    Take a look at this post on 5 Affordable POS Solutions for small retailers.  I have been asked about this no less than a half dozen times in the past year.  Mike summarizes the highlights and aggregates the contending solutions in one easy to read location.

    Or read his riff on how Apple could dominate in-store payment systems in the future. Entertaining and challenging – especially for you, Microsoft.

    Finally, spend some time on the site with their other contributors to see cost effective alternatives to salesforce.com or the gorgeous graphics that illustrate how fuel prices affects logistics.

    In any case, as a reader of this blog, I know you are looking for solutions for your business and like to find new trends and understand how new technology can improve your business.  If you want to get easy-to-digest content on software, you could do worse than follow the Software Advice Blog.