While working with a global retailer on their Collaboration needs, I had the opportunity to work with the smart people from nGenera.  They are now Moxiesoft and have taken their previous think-tank, consultative model to a software solution like Employee Spaces – their trademarked solution for using social tools to build collaboration within an organization.

    They taught me a lot about the Intent and the Outcomes needed for collaboration to work.  Because collaboration is such an ambiguous term (see my last post on this) it is important to understand what leaders mean when they say they want collaboration.

    Collaborative IntentDesired Business Outcome
    Connecting previously unrelated ideas.To create consistent and effective innovation.  To build knowledge, capability and creativity into our enterprise
    Co-creating products, services and experiences.To create relevant offerings that drive stronger customer loyalty.
    Engaging our stakeholders – our customers, our employees, our partners and our communities.To build our brand presence.  To build our influence and improve two-way communication.
    Tapping people, expertise or other resources quickly when needed.Build a strength through on-demand talent, flexible base costs, improved project performance and access to innovation.
    Coordinating time and space.Productivity across the globe improves as flexible asynchronous work becomes the norm.  Employee engagement increases.
    Distributing work, cost or risk.Cost reduction through specialization, process performance improves in both efficiency and consistency.
    Sensing emerging patterns – trends, opportunities and threats.Faster recognition of customer, employee and market needs.  A continuous strategy that reacts quickly to changes.
    Pooling judgements.Utilization of all of our resources to improve business forecasts and predictions.
    Polling to gather input or determine group-wide preferences.Fast and informed decisions with the commitment to execute them.
    Coalescing around emerging consensus after airing and debating multiple views.Creating shared values.  Commitment to action through transparency.  Improved engagement.