August 17, 2011 – When the trade association for Adhesives and Sealants wanted an expert to speak on Future Trends in Big Box Retailing, they turned to Flora Delaney.  Flora will be a featured speaker at their annual conference addressing “Who Has the Competitive Advantage in an Online versus Big Box World?”  As a seasoned retail executive with experience across multiple retail big box brands, Flora has unique insight into how retailers are integrating AND competing with e-commerce and how suppliers can understand the competitive dynamics that can make their brands more attractive to retailers.

Speaking at the annual conference and expo in Indianapolis October 17th, Flora will be featured as a part of the education track on the impact of new technology.

“While online retailing certainly isn’t new technology, it is making new strides in the construction and DIY market that retailers and marketers need to understand and use to their advantage.  When a crew is out of product, they need it immediately.  There is a cost to running out – in that situation, brick and mortar retailers will win over e-commerce sites.  But when  planning a job and selecting materials, online has some incredible advantages.  For suppliers, they need to know how to ensure that their products are highlighted and selected by end consumers and by construction materials buyers.   The rules have changed and the companies that understand how to take advantage of the game changing will gain market share in the future,” said President, Flora Delaney.

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