A partial listing of the retail advertising phrases that are so played out/ so old/ so tired they make me want to SCREAM every time I see them in print:

    Halloween ads with Prices so low they’re Scary/ Deals so good they’re Scary

    Ditto: any ads that are Spook-tacular

    Easter Ads that tell me to Hop in for savings or Hop to it.

    12 Days of Christmas Savings

    Sale-abrations and Sale-taculars

    Talk about lazy marketers and copywriters. If this is the best you can come up with for your advertising, I am not convinced that you will have much more imaginative products.  This is the land of old tired grocery ROP ads.  And yet, customers see these messages every day.

    So – tell me, which ads cliches make YOU crazy?  Our best response will get a special Delaney Consulting Holiday GIFT!