Looking for ways to prove that I still really love retail merchandising (I really do!) I headed out into the stores this year looking for my favorite seasonal displays.  I really wanted something that would capture the vibe of Holidays 2011: gift giving that is anchored in value.  A quasi-retro feel that permeates most urban design that feels a little like a throwback to DIY 1970’s but still has the funky edginess of today.  That meant every luxe looking display was out.  So too the traditional displays, anything crystal, Victorian or high end.  Maybe it’s my locale, but Nordic was int he air this year.

    I found the right look at the GAP.  Sure, their numbers are down, but the merchandisers at the GAP are getting it right with this happy palette of bright Christmas red, Fresh pink and Hanukkah blue.  Plus, the look was decidedly budget-conscious DIY. Yarn and Nails reinforced the holiday message: Joy It Up.  A call to action that is upbeat and tells customers they can create their happiness at the holidays. The look was fresh and still clearly focused on gift giving.

    Here’s more, if you missed it.  Which retailers had your favorite seasonal merchandising this year?  Let me know or reply below.