From London Fashion week the looks were fall 2012, but the shop windows were Spring 2012!  Over the week, I had a chase to see many great designs and shop some of the best stores the city had to offer.  Here are some of my notes:


    If you have to pick just one color this spring, may I suggest Yellow?  Shown with everything from navy and white for a nautical professional vibe to aqua and coral for a beach tropical look, yellow was everywhere this spring.  And while you may not feel comfortable pulling off that sallow look, its easy to add with a bag or scarf.

    Skinny Colored Jeans – EVERYWHERE

    London ladies packed their skin tight ultramarine, red or green jeans into anklet booties and made american denim look so yesterday.  It may be a short-lived trend, but it is on target for a blooming fresh spring.

    Lady-Like is the new Grunge

    Even in this town known for hanging on to its punk leather days, fashionable women are making more tailored choices.  Two examples:

    Peplums.  Those waist-nipping ruffles were all lengths and added to everything from jackets to skirts to recall 1940’s and 1980’s power suits for women.

    Structured handbags.  Oversize shoulder bags are being replaced with pocket books your grandmother favored complete with double handles that cannot be worn over the shoulder.  Still large, the bags in demand recall the Kelly bag look and a colorful scarf tied at the handles completes the look.

    Want the head start on fall fashion? Think Ox Blood Red.  The deep brownish-red reads well in everything from leather to silk and designers plan to use it like last year’s blackberry color trend.  The color mixes well with black, chocolate and navy and should be easy to add to your wardrobe.