Anyone who knows me well knows I have an impossibly soft spot for limericks.  And once I begin, I can create them all day.  What else did you expect from a person with DELANEY as their last name?   Here then, in honor of St Patrick’s day, are a few originals for my retailing friends:

There was a young manager of a store

Who found Mondays an incredible bore

Off loading cartons ’til noon

With no shelves in the backroom

And pallets moved straight to the floor.


A cashier who worked at the til

Had sticky fingers for ten dollar bills

’til one day when an audit

Turned up what it oughtn’t

And now her paycheck is nil.


An owner with no eye for good ads

Tried to create trendy sales fads

a butt of the jokes

among internet folks

for boxers half off for all lads.


(Hey, it can’t all be Pulitzer material….Happy St Patricks Day.)


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