I’ll make this short: The greatest issue I see in EVERY CLIENT I work with is Executive Prioritization.

    The Challenge: Executives that want 100 things* when their resources can only deliver 50.

    What they get: 100 things done to 50%.

    What they should demand: 50 things done to 100%.

    –You know who I’m talking about….I’m looking at YOU. As an executive, it is your job to prioritize and organize around strategic needs. Executive prioritization is literally your job.

    Make 50 things done to 100% your message of the day.  It is THE ONLY way to deliver.

    A group that moves out 100 yards in every direction every day geographically moves nowhere.

    A group that moves 100 yards in one direction every day moves 20 miles in a year.

    *New products, New campaigns, New stores, New media plans, New Business Intelligence Reports, New Financial Metrics, New Hiring Plans, New Promotional Evaluations, New Vendors, New Data Warehouses, New Training, New Government Lobbying, New Customers, New Retention Programs, New Forecasting Tools, New Merchandising, New Process Streamlining, New Cost Savings, New Vendor Reviews, New Travel Policies, New Security Measures, New Safety Programs, New Theft Monitoring, New Employee Engagement Measures, New Investors, New Public Relations Campaigns, New, More, Better?