MSU GirlAs a retailer, you have many different kinds of customers that come through your door – or to your website.


    Here are five things to keep in mind when your customer is an individual:

    1. Have what I need in stock.  As a consumer, I really don’t have a budget or a plan for my home needs.  When I run out, I need it.  So having my favorites in stock will make your store top of mind when I run out.
    2. Treat me well.  I have two main choices when I shop: the internet or a store like yours.  The internet is reliable and easy – but I certainly do not get personalized service.  You can make me feel special by remembering me, talking to me (and listening) and making thoughtful recommendations.  Throw in home delivery and why would I choose an internet reseller?
    3. Set your prices fairly.  I LOVE a deal and a sale.  What I do not love is paying full price one week only to discover that if I had waited a few more days I could have paid 20% less!  You know what I buy (based on my past sales history) so tell me when my favorites will be on sale at your store.  Remind me and invite me (without shouting!) and I will reward you with my loyalty.
    4. Be more than a store.  Connect with me on facebook, twitter or the community bulletin board.  I actually like knowing my shopkeepers.  So advertise in my church bulletin or school newspaper.  Seeing you at community events makes me trust you more than a faceless big box store or internet reseller.
    5. Make me feel good about giving you my business.  Remind me that when I shop with you my money stays in my neighborhood and my planet is greener. If I have a problem, please don’t hassle me.  Stand by your products and make amends when there are issues.  Really mean it when you say thank you.