Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 5.42.00 PMA true measure of your leadership is how well your operation runs without you.  A company that requires the owner to direct every action and check the accuracy of every step is poorly managed. Only the owner can change the situation.  People who are stressed, overloaded and behind schedule are commonly poor delegators.

    As an owner/manager it is your obligation to hire the right people, document and train the essential processes to succeed and to reward the correct behavior.  With those fundamental elements in place, it is now time to delegate.

    Delegating routine activities is critical for a manger to be able to tackle extra projects.  Trying to find time to build a new social media community, research a second location, streamline bookkeeping or penetrate a new market through direct sales calls? Improve your delegation. Delegation is the endgame of the time-tested training triangle.  The training triangle requires the manager to explain an activity or process, demonstrate how it is properly done and then hold the employee accountable for doing it correctly.  That means allowing the employee to do the activity on his own and being in a position to observe if the outcome is correct and if the proper steps are followed.  Once, completed, the manager should provide appropriate feedback and allow the employee to have opportunities to practice and perfect the routine.