Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 5.49.26 PMGreat managers know how to focus on what is important.  They stay focused, not just busy.  I like to advise mangers struggling with delegation to use this simple 2X2 grid to map out their TO-DO list.  Items that are in the upper right quadrant should get a manager’s attention.  Easy items to delegate are in the upper left quadrant.  Even items in the lower right quadrant can be delegated, especially if there are several steps involved such as researching alternatives or testing several variations.  Frankly, items in the lower left quadrant should be dropped.  If they are not important for a customer or a regulation, there is no reason to do them.  Those are the “busy” items that prevent people from focusing on the most impactful activities.

    Simple? Yes.  Powerful? Absolutely.