Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 5.42.00 PMDelegating begins for an employee the first day on the job. Show them how to clock in, check the opening checklist for tasks to complete, demonstrate how to complete the tasks and then explain that you expect them to complete the same steps the next day.  Review their work the next day.  Then move to the next routine activity: accepting inventory deliveries, counting backroom stock, stocking shelves, assisting with phone orders.  Whatever the activity, teach and then stand back and let your “student” learn. (The training triangle.)

    For more seasonal items, take the time to document your steps.  Create a checklist and use it to train staff as well as to guide the seasonal work.  Allow yourself time to answer questions and to provide helpful feedback.

    And remember, once delegated, do not take the task back.  If it is not being completed to your standards, re-communicate your expectations. Then help your staff understand the standards, where they are falling short, how it is inspected or measured and give a closed-end time frame to meet standard and the consequences of not meeting the standards.  Take emotion out of delegating the task and measuring its completion. Reward great work.