arrowsCreate two marketing plans to reach two customer types. Every business can identify two distinct customer types. Business and consumer customers. Different customer types have different needs, motivations and budgets. So, why would you have one marketing plan to reach both audiences?

    First, build plans that treat consumers and businesses differently. Create different offers. Use your POS system and sales associates to identify whether a customer is a consumer, a business or institution.

    Consumer Marketing Plan

    Consumer messages focus on:

    • holiday greetings
    • birthday promotions
    • messages that load up a pantry
    • emotional purchases.

    Fun messages to consumers highlight your brand personality. They make you approachable. Focus on local events. Then, remind customers that you are a convenient. Become a reliable resource. Focus your customer testimonials on friendly or helpful service. Use emotions – like delight – to describe your store and services.

    Business (B2B) Marketing Plan

    Business messages focus on economics and reliability. Highlight business customers in testimonials to create deep ties to them.  Create a virtuous cycle of mutual promotion. (Be sure your business is highlighted in their emails to customers. Then do the same for them.) Business offers should highlight commercial products. Businesses also value efficiency and knowledge. If you deliver, make sure your business customers know. Finally, your business testimonials should showcase partnerships to successful firms.

    First, understand the differences between the two customer types. Then, tailor your marketing throughout the year. Your marketing investments will pay off. While your sales increase.

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