Welcoming a new hire with their own company swag and office necessities can set the right tone for a nervous worker on their first day of work. It is a great way to pump up company culture. No matter your budget, you can select some of these ideas to make someone feel special and a part of the team.

    Create a Fun New Hire Kit and place everything in a colorful bag or basket. Include a note to start their day with a smile.

    • Stapler, Paper clips or Binder clips – “Of course you can hold it together!”New Hire Kit
    • Batteries – “When you need that extra spark and energy”
    • Advil or Tylenol – “Limit yourself to one headache a week”
    • Kleenex – “To dry your tears”
    • Water bottle – “Consider this a daily ration (bread extra)”
    • Business Cards – “Impress your friends and mom!”
    • Calculator – “If the math is more complex than this, don’t ask me to do it!”
    • Eraser – “We all make mistakes. Say you’re sorry. Fix it. Learn.”
    • List of company holidays and pay dates – “Start crossing days off the calendar now.”
    • Post It Notes – “stay flexible – things change”
    • Shirt, jacket, hoodie – “Suit up and join us on the field!”
    • Mug – “Use me. Fill me with goodness. Wash me.”
    • Office Floorplan – “Not exactly a treasure map – but there’s gold here”
    • Logo Notebook – “Better than a diary!”
    • Stickers – “Serious company swag”

    Adding a handwritten note to the fun new hire kit saying you are excited to welcome them to the company is a great way to create happy first day memories.