Flavor Rend Insights

    Retailers can miss key flavor trend insights unless they systematically track flavor and scent trends. Most merchants struggle to forecast emerging customer flavor trends. They have the information. But it is locked inside unhelpful data fields. Like “Item Description” or “Name” fields that you cannot aggregate and report on. One of the most important fields a food or dry goods retailer can create is a standardized FLAVOR/SCENT attribute. When buyers review their assortment they can see trends across multiple categories. Simple reporting built to use sales data can identify trends and shifts in customer tastes (literally!) Then merchants can make better assortment decisions during line reviews.

    We have created a FREE Download with the top 160 flavors and scents organized into a logical hierarchy. Use it to identify emerging flavor profiles in your business. Then adjust your assortments accordingly.

    Savvy retailers know that flavors and scent trends move across categories. Emerging flavors like Thai Chili in Salty Snacks can predict new trends in other categories. When category management reports limit reporting to a single category or departments, it is easy to miss emerging flavor trends. Smart data architects capture and standardize flavor and scent attributes. Then they store it as base data for each item. Regularly reviewing the flavors can keep it up to date.

    Our FREE download groups key flavor trend insights into a logical hierarchy of flavor sources and types. Hierarchies let category managers evaluate their trends based on flavor groupings like candy, fruit, ethnic or herbal, for example.