Stores can regain some of 2020’s losses in a Covid Christmas selling season. They just need to focus more than ever on their store associates. Because friendly, knowledgeable, caring staff can beat an internet shopping cart.

    Now is the time to focus on providing attentive care to every single customer and deepen your relationships. 

    Naturally, you hired your team for friendliness, engagement with customers and consistency, right? That’s the first step. Next, provide them with a clear set of expectations for how to engage with shoppers. Do not accept someone who asks “Can I help you find anything?” and then walks away when a customer says “I’m just looking.” Model and train outstanding customer service and expect it from your team every single day. 

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    Store Associates

    Can Win A Covid Christmas Season

    Why Now?

    The reason you need to beef up customer service now is that the major retailers have made no secret about trying to extend the holiday shopping season this year. The last thing they want is a chaotic throng of people clamoring for a few Black Friday deals. And since they cannot go past December 24, they are going to extend it earlier than ever and online. Your customers are going to be thinking of holidays earlier than ever. Post Office delivery scares will prompt people to mail packages earlier. So you need to prepare your team to get into their full holiday mentality in October, rather than November.

    Set expectations now to have customers greeted at the door. Staff should be conspicuously cleaning at all times and merchandise must be well cared for. There is a significant segment of the market that will eagerly shop in brick and mortar stores and cherish the tactile experience of shopping while supporting local businesses like never before. But it is imperative that you meet them with a beautiful store, well maintained merchandise and delightful staff members.

    This is your year. This is your chance. Every encounter with customers must be warm, personal and authentic. Give them a reason to remember why they love your store and your staff. Now is the time to create the enthusiasm on your team. Because store associates will win a covid Christmas.