We were honored to be asked to participate in the PodiumHQ Retail Connect Leadership Summit on March 25, 2021. Founder & President, Flora Delaney was interviewed by Dan Berthiaume. The virtual Q&A session was recorded (see below) if you care to watch. Or the Chain Store Age recap is available for a fast read. (<2 minutes)

    The article highlights topics that were discussed in the half hour breakout session, including:

    The changing customer journey – retailers must engage with customers-in their channel of choice – much earlier in the shopper journey

    Remove the chore, deliver the joy – expect permanent changes to what customers expect and how to meet those expectations through the joy/chore lens.

    Subscribe and save – as a new promotional lever for pantry loading and locking in loyal customers through virtual promotions.

    Follow Through – continue the engagement after the transaction to build a true relationship with your customers.

    Watch the full BOPIS session here.