Flora Delaney joins food & beverage brand experts to discuss how to create demand across all channels. On premise, online and in retail. Keba Konte and Maranda Walker Dowell are company founders in the food & beverage industry. Both companies have on-premise locations as well as online store fronts. Stacey Widlitz and Dr Tiffany Raymond are retail industry experts sought after for their insight into digital consumers.

    Keba Konte is the founder of Oakland California’s Red Bay Coffee. Red Bay Coffee is a mission-driven brand. First, it is committed to ensure coffee production is not only high quality and sustainable. But also a vehicle for diversity, inclusion, social and economic restoration, entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability. Red Bay Coffee has already weathered market fluctuations since its 2014 founding.

    Maranda Walker Dowell is the founder of the family-owned Joe’s Gourmet out of Atlanta, Georgia. Joe’s Gourmet is available on Amazon, Kroger, Walmart, HEB and other grocers. Maranda discusses how her company drives trial. After that, the focus on enjoyable content and family celebrations makes Joes Gourmet a fan favorite. Finally, she talks about a strategy to balance inventory and the supply chain.

    Flora hosted the final event in a series aimed at providing insights for small businesses. Each one focuses on the changing marketplace. Then they discussed the growing challenges of shifting consumer habits, increased food prices, and a highly competitive arena. Finally they shared the technology and innovation that will reshape and drive future growth within this sector. Sponsored by PayPal.

    In summary, the video outlines successful marketing campaigns the founders use to bring customers to their brands.

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