Jim Langemo Details + Bio

Jim LangemoJim Langemo specializes in customer service, retail sales and diversity. He has 24 years of experience in retail, 20 years of experience teaching adults and 10 years of experience in leadership development and diversity-related work. He has created customer service and sales models for a variety of retail businesses. These models have been complete programs that include coaching, management training, employee training, and easy-to-use job aids. Each business he has worked with has credited the materials with increased business performance, improved customer relationships and better alignment between the organization’s vision and employee behaviors.

Jim’s sales philosophy is to focus on the customer experience. He equips employees to help customers buy, rather than teach employees how to sell, and he works with leaders to make the entire store environment easier to shop. He also brings a diversity lens to the topic, helping to ensure that all customers, regardless of their background, are treated with courtesy and respect.

As a diversity consultant, he specializes in helping organizations increase performance, improve community branding, build diverse teams and create inclusive environments. He is able to help an organization build a diversity program from the ground up, including vision creation, strategic planning, program building, and business integration. He brings a simple, holistic, action-oriented approach to diversity, with an emphasis on cultivating self-awareness and a natural, mindful practice of inclusion. In addition to working with retail businesses, Jim has worked with schools, churches and chiefs of police.

Jim’s functional experience includes:

Instructional Design – instructional design, curriculum development, program management and project management. Able to design engaging training materials that appeal to a variety of learning styles. Adept at designing and delivering training for small or large-scale initiatives.

Change Management – strategic planning, communication plans, interdisciplinary coordination, coaching

Facilitation – dynamic and effective facilitator and public speaker. Experienced in a wide variety of training programs: customer service and sales, management and leadership, diversity, HR-related topics, team building, technical and systems training, new hire orientation and onboarding, product knowledge and process improvement.

Hiring – recruiting practices, interviewing practices, onboarding processes, incorporating practices that improve diversity

Employee Training – Worked on a broad variety of employee training, including new hire, customer service and sales, diversity, process, product, technical and HR-related topics.

Management Training – Developed and facilitated a wide variety of management programs including communication skills, delegation skills, team building, retail management, personal development and diversity.

Leadership Development – Extensive experience coaching leaders: clarify vision and values, cultivate self-awareness, effective communication skills for leaders, create strategic plans, leading through change, systems thinking, critical thinking.