Category Management

    A mature Category Management function is collaborative at its core.  Merchants gather insights from external vendors partners, market researchers and internal operators. The target market is defined then assortments  and prices are optimized.

    Balanced internal and external viewpoints along with a reliable future forecast delivers consistent category growth using proven disciplines.  Customers have their needs met and the entire supply chain is optimized for inventory efficiency. The retailer creates a defensible niche.

    Well, that’s how it is supposed to work. Many retailers new realize the dream of a well oiled operation. Our experience hones in on the obstacles and breaks down the barriers. Across functions. Across systems. Across the network.

    Delaney Consulting implements Category Management in multi-billion dollar grocery conglomerates and specialty chains with under 50 stores.  If you need etter results through a proven category management framework, let us help you build the bridge from the difficult, hard to predict world of today to a clear future.

    Category Management Offerings: