Delaney Consulting

    Business acumen without the attitude.

    Business fulfills each and every one of them

    There’s no shortage of opportunities and improvements – every retailer knows that.

    But which one to focus on first? Which ones will return profits most quickly? Which ones can be addressed with internal resources? Which ones will sustain an advantage for the long term? Which ones are most critical?

    Delaney Consulting helps retailers and their vendors create, execute and reinvent their relationships to one another and their customers. We focus on creating clarity and leave behind a sustainable solution.   Our clients reap benefits long after our involvement ends.

    Solving Retail Issues

    Objectivity.  Insight.  Innovation to solve complex vendor and retailer problems. We work within your organization to discover the best ideas that will grow your business — not the best practices brought in from some other business line.

    Our secret? We measure, communicate and then we measure again to make sure that results are real and known. We make sure that there is engaged leadership so that the organization is aligned. We understand the butterfly effect of change in a system. We make sure that improvements in one area do not mean problems absorbed somewhere else.

    Our approach is cross functional and inclusive to ensure that improvements are real and supported by every part of the organization.

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