Category Management

    Category Management. Customer Intimacy. Customer Centricity. Localized Assortments. In the end it’s about creating excellent customer satisfaction.

    Our approach takes tailored offerings to the next level. We ensure your assortment plans will actually be executed in your stores.

    Technology offers to help you build localized tailored assortments.  Merchant assortment tools promise optimization routines that are flexible, dynamic and demand-sensing.  But can you execute them?  In your stores?  With you current systems and teams?

    Delaney Consulting understands how merchant plans can hit crippling obstacles in stores. Process, systems and rewards are not integrated.  Your stores differ from one another. Customer and seasonal demands add more complexity.  Consider inventory minimums, late shipments and soon the merchant’s strategy disappears.

    We work with you to develop compelling assortments. Then implement practices to sustain category management tactics that drive sales. And we do it within the bounds of what you have today.

    Customer Centric Cluster Offerings: