Remerchandising & Renovation

    Stores look tired after a few years on the market.  While the products may be state-of-the-art, customers can lose interest in what the brand means.  Marketing and visual merchandising don’t see eye to eye.  There is visual pollution and mixed messaging to customers. Oh yeah.  And a very limited budget.

    Smart retailers use Delaney Consulting and Creative to create worthwhile retrofits to stores that deliver high value for low investment.

    Combining cross-functional insight, Delaney Consulting and Creative delivers more than “splash and dash” projects to produce renovations that change store profitability.  With deep experience in remerchandising efforts, store roadmapping and store-within-a-store shops, Delaney Consulting and Creative can re-energize stores and customers within an affordable budget.

    Remerchandising Offerings:

    • Retrofits
    • Store Within A Store
    • Resource Allocation
    • Brand Relaunches