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Book - Delaney Consulting and Creative

    By Flora Delaney

    RETAIL The Second-Oldest Profession

    7 Timeless Principles to WIN in Retail Today

    Helping retailers across the globe improve their business, I have learned that success in retail comes from just 7 Timeless Principles.

    Learn the 7  principles and how to focus on them to WIN every day. “WIN Today” sections give store owners, managers and employees specific things they can do to re-focus on what really matters. WIN Today actions are like having a retail coach work with you every day to improve your retail business.

    If you are struggling … If you feel as if you and your team are working hard but you are not getting the results you want, you will find specific things you can do today to WIN in retail.

    This book helps every retailer and small business owner focus on what really matters.

    This book is for you if you:
         •Own your own retail business– and wear many hats
         •Manage a team that is always busy – but is not achieving the results you want
         •Aspire to a career in retail and want to understand how it all fits together
         •Need help developing inexperienced managers and new hires to succeed quickly
         •Feel overwhelmed with multiple priorities in your retail operation
         •Are a vendor who wants to be a better partner to your retail customers.

    Hear more about the book and its contents: Listen to Flora’s podcast episode with Women In Retail Leadership.

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    Like Good to Great and The One Minute Manager, store leaders across every channel are sure to turn to this essential book again and again to answer questions and solve problems.

    7 Timeless Principles to WIN in Retail Today

    Flora Delaney

    Flora Delaney is a retail business expert with over 20 years of multi-channel, cross-functional experience. She and her team have consistently delivered strategic projects through merchandising insight, change leadership, process design, team mentorship, and IT partnership.

    Praise For Retail The Second-Oldest Profession

    If you’re a small retailer, you may feel like an endangered species. But following these practical principles will give you command over new skills for winning in retail now and in the future.

    – Amanda Brinkman, small business marketing expert and Host of the Small Business Revolution – Main Street

    This book distills the key retail success factors into understandable and actionable steps that are critical for retail leaders as well as manufacturers/distributors/brokers dealing with retailers. This book is a must-read for all of us who work in any capacity in the retail marketplace.

    – Stuart Straus, CEO, Compass Health Brands

    Every vendor who sells their product to and through retailers should read and understand Flora’s 7 Timeless Principles! There’s no better way to build more collaborative and effective partnerships with your retailer customers than to focus your selling strategies on what will make them successful.

    – Kady Slavin, Vice President, Coca-Cola


    Flora’s optimism, easy-to-understand approach and humor energizes senior managers, business owners and casual staff members to make changes to improve their store.

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    7 Timeless Principles to WIN in Retail Today

    Delaney Consulting can bring the 7 Timeless Principles to your next store management meeting, conference or merchant association.