What Flora Delivers

Looking for merchandising transformations with industry-tested insights?

With Flora Delaney you get both.

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Using a proprietary Space Maturity Matrix, Flora’s experience in Category Management, Assortment Planning and Space Management helps her chart achievable strategies with your company leaders. Working with the C-Suite in the US and abroad across a diverse spectrum of operating models, provides a wealth of insights about how to leverage investments to drive better outcomes. Whether building strategic capability roadmaps or reinventing the fleet, Flora has the experience and leadership credibility to help her clients achieve their goals. Get fast evaluations that prioritize which investments will pay off.


Strategy is nothing if it doesn’t connect to specific actions to bring it to life. Flora’s clients get direct guidance on the specific changes that will drive better outcomes. Beyond just systems or integrations, Flora identifies and sequences the dependencies that impact people and the work they do. From suppliers to corporate teams to store associates and across all systems, Flora works shoulder to shoulder with retailers to deliver holistic systems and process transformations to improve your stores.